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3HK 3Wi-Fi Call (Voice over Wi-Fi) - Seamless phone calls with any Wi-Fi network* and compatible smartphones that enable high quality voice calls and bring you the most comprehensive network coverage.
When mobile phone signal is weak, 4G LTE iPhone users can make incoming and outgoing voice calls with the connection to a Wi-F network, and switch to VoLTE whenever it's needed Data usage and data fee will not be charged Rather voice call usage will be counted toward subscriber's monthly service plan entitlements, and standard local / international roaming calling rates will be applied (as the case may be). In addition, 3HK introduces a new value-added voice page that provides extra 1,000 minutes' usage for just HK$10 per month.
To find out more about 3Wi-Fi Call, please contact 3 hotline 1032 or visit www.three.com.hk, Facebook homepage www.facebook.com/threeHK.
* Subject to the coverage and configuration of the Wi-Fi and the stability of its connection.
# The Wi-Fi networks must be successfully connected via iPhone before.