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iPhone 13 Pro

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About iPhone 13 Pro

SIM + Standalone Offer

iPhone for Life

  • Standalone price monthly installment rate at $236 up1,2
  • 5G Monthly Fee as low as $189 90GB
iPhone For life Offer
Handset Model Suggested Retail Price iPhone for Life as low as monthly installment rate1,2
Hang Seng credit card
Hang Seng credit cardholders
(Enjoy 33 months Credit Card Interest-free instalment Plan)
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $8,499 $236
One-off payment
Rebate $400
Add-on Offer (24months)
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB $9,299 $260
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB $10,999 $307
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB $12,699 $354
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SIM Monthly Plan*
Monthly Plan1,✭
(24-month contract)
$188/month# + compulsory purchase $1 30GB per month Local Data Pack/month

Local Data
60GB + 30GB»

Infinity Thereafter Data
(Up to 1Mbps)
Freely-use data for streaming
and social appsa
YouTube Freely-use data Netflix Freely-use data Disney Plus Freely-use data Apple TV Freely-use data HMVOD Freely-use data MyTVSuper Freely-use data Facebook Freely-use data
Instagram Freely-use data Whatsapp Freely-use data Wechat Freely-use data Signal Freely-use data Line Freely-use data Zoom Freely-use data
Local voice mins
Monthly Plan1
(24-month contract)
$288/month + compulsory purchase $1 30GB per month Local Data Pack/month

Local Data
100GB + 30GB»


Local voice mins
Monthly Plan1
(24-month contract)
$388/month + compulsory purchase $1 30GB per month Local Data Pack/month

Local Data
200GB + 30GB»


Local voice mins
» Monthly extra bonus local data applicable during contract period.
* The aforesaid maximum download speed may be affected and varied by the following factors: network setting and specification, network coverage and usage level, user's device and software, transmission technology and other relevant factors. Compatible mobile device is required. When monthly mobile data usage exceeds the fair data usage of the monthly plan 30GB, data service will continue, but the thereafter data access speed (upload and download) will be restricted to not more than 1Mbps.
✭ Offer is valid until 31 Aug 2022. Customer is agree to compulsory purchase $1 "30GB per month Local Data Pack" upon designated 5G monthly plan subscription with same contract commitment. Extra 30GB per month local data is valid during contract period. Once the top-up data has been purchased, the related payment will not be refunded. Any unused data usage cannot be carried forward to the next bill month. Upon expiry of the contract period of the Service, 3HK will continue to provide the Service basic on data entitlement of the service plan.
# Offer is valid until 31 Aug 2022. Customer is required to subscribe designated 5G $228 SIM Monthly Plan and commit to 26 months contract and admin fee of $18 per month to enjoy extra 50% bonus local data per monthly during contract period. Entitled monthly bonus data is calculated based on the monthly basic data entitlement, bonus data of the service plan and value-added data pack (Total 60GB). Offer cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other local bonus data offers (unless otherwise specified) and "Infinity Social & Streaming Data" Pack Service during contract period. $188 monthly fee is net monthly fee after deducting monthly fee rebate $40 (original monthly fee at $228) and monthly fee rebate will be credited to customer's billing account by instalments during contract period. Monthly fee will be charged at the original plan fee (or at prevailing plan fee) after contract expired.
a Local Social & Streaming Data is applicable to designated social mobile apps, including YouTube、Netflix、Disney+、Apple TV、hmvod、myTV SUPER、Facebook、Instagram、WhatsApp、WeChat、Signal、LINE & Zoom. The social data is applicable for using Facebook (Including Facebook Messenger & Mobile Web m.facebook.com) & Instagram to use VoIP voice call, video call, delivery of text and voice messages, images and video clips as well as browse content in word, image or video format and applicable for using WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Signal & Zoom to use VoIP voice call, video call, delivery of text and voice messages, images and video clips. When social data usage reaches the limit of subscribed data services, data usage will be deducted from the service local data entitlement. For the terms and conditions of Local Social Data pack, please refer to https://bit.ly/3jWkxoq.
4.5G infinity data upgrade4.5G infinity data upgrade
5G SIM Monthly Plan Details
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  1. You must be aged 18 or over to enroll in this program.
  2. You will be contacted via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by phone if there is further arrangement of your interested smartphone.
  3. Hutchison Telephone Company Limited ("Our Company") will check against the account payment record, credit and contract term status of the registrant (including both the existing and former customers of Our Company) to determine the purchase arrangements with the registrant, which include the followings:
    • Our Company will request registrant to settle all overdue balance in his/her account(s) before proceeding with the subscription.
    • Our Company may decline the subscription request of the registrant based on his/her credit history and other account record with Our Company.
  4. Delivery service is not applicable to designated districts such as Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island and other designated districts of outlying areas. HTCL reserves the right to charge delivery service fee for unsuccessful delivery due to incomplete provision of documents, inaccurate information provided, and change of delivery address etc.
  5. Date of delivery is subject to Our Company's telephone confirmation. Our Company will not be liable for any loss arising from late delivery or non-delivery of products.
  6. Registrant's personal information will be used for purpose of this registration only. All personal data provided for this registration will be discarded within 1 month after 6 months of the program
  • Product photos are for reference only. Product image and related product information are provided by manufacturer(s)/ vendor(s). For any enquiry, please contact respective manufacturer(s)/ vendor(s) directly. For contact information, please refer to www.three.com.hk/vendorcontact.
  • Our company makes no responsibility or guarantee as to the quality and availability of the products and/ or service provided by vendors.
  • Stock is limited, subject to availability.
  • For thereafter charges details please refer to www.three.com.hk.
  • All usage is subject to our company Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy.
  • The above offers are applicable to new and selected existing customers, and subject to related terms and conditions. Please contact our 3Shop staff, call 3Service Hotline 1033 or refer to www.three.com.hk for more information of offers and service plan entitlements.
  • Our Company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this registration program. All matters and disputes in relation to the registration will be subject to the final decision of Our Company.
 I have read the terms and conditions and understand that my participation in this event is subject to the said terms and conditions. I consent to the use of personal information provided above for the purposes in relation to this event by Hutchison Telephone Company Limited.

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