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Unlimited Wi-Fi
Enjoy the largest Wi-Fi network in town with over 20,000 hotspots1 covering popular shopping malls. Powered by our 1Gbps backhaul connection #, providing abundant bandwidth and seamless connection.

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Terms and Conditions:
  1. Based on a review of the number of hotspots featured on the websites of 6 WiFi service providers in Hong Kong at midnight on 22nd November 2016. Each WiFi service location provides one or more WiFi hotspots. WiFi is applicable to designated WiFi service locations and hotspots. Number of WiFi service locations and hotspots quoted is based on service provider's information. Each WiFi service location may include different numbers of hotspots. When the WiFi signal is weak or unavailable, service may automatically be accessed by mobile data and mobile data charge will incur based on user's monthly tariff plan.

  • All related product/premium values, images, specifications and product information are provided by manufacturer(s)/ vender(s). For any enquiry, please contact respective manufacturer(s)/vendor(s)directly. (Contact
  • Our company makes no responsibility or guarantee as to the quality and availability of the products and/or service provided by vendor.
  • Stock is limited, subject to availability.
  • All usage is subject to 3 Hong Kong Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy.
  • The usage entitlement and fee of the monthly plan apply to local service only.
  • The above offers are applicable to new and selected existing customers. Terms and conditions applied, please contact our 3Shop staff, call our 3Sales Hotline or refer to for more information of offers and service plan entitlement.
  • All promotional offers and period are subject to the final decision of our company, we reserve the right to change the contents without prior notice.

# 1,000Mbps refers to the network specification of the backhaul broadband which is applic​able to selected hotspots in limited locations only. All these hotspots are served by 802.11n Wi-Fi technology which delivers a maximum throughput of 300Mbps.